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Christian Len's life is all about music. Born in Barcelona, licensed in Cultural Management, and with an academic music profile, he´s been constantly looking for the perfect soundtrack for every single moment in life. Record collector, melomaniac and with more than 20 years of musical career he experienced all sides of music: Musician, DJ, radio producer, marketing,consultant, booker and journalist.

Promoter @ Homies(Pikes)/Resident @ Blue Marlin/Musical director @ Openlab & WooMooN/Radiohost @ Dublab


 The story begins in his childhood making mixes with radio recordings and as a teenager creating mixtapes for friends and "lovers". During his university days he played with experimental rock bands in Barcelona until he bought himself two decks and began to work behind the counter in a music store... As a DJ he began in clubs like Apolo , Razzmatazz and Be Cool where he was live booker and resident DJ. As a journalist ( the other musical side of Len ) he was in charge of scannerFM, first Spain´s digital radio, and launched the radio of festivals such as Sonar and Primavera Sound.


But almost a decade ago a phone call brought him to Ibiza and it ́s on the White Island where he takes a step forward on the decks seduced by the Balearic spirit: the one that claims for an eclectic selection, a wide range of genres to soundtrack both a dramatic sunset or a hedonistic crazy party. Always getting out of the box, he´s blending gems in any kind of genres using housey disco as the perfect crossover

In Ibiza, he has developed his professional career coordinating Ibiza Sonica and Pioneer DJ Radio, managing the communications at WooMooN and nowadays as musical director of the respected As a DJ he has been resident of Babylon Beach, Kumharas, Blue Marlin and Pikes Hotel. At Pikes, he promotes his own party Homies (Barcelona, Madrid & Ibiza) with his partner in crime Camilo Miranda sharing programming with DJ Harvey, Artwork or Luke Solomon.




As a producer he has released a vinyl EP with San Francisco label Lips & Rhythm in 2016 teaming with Papadupau ( 50% of the band Za!) with an 11 minutes Balearic Odyssey called "Thalassa" an homage to the sea and it´s Mediterranean roots with a spacey dubby end. Also via Homies, his own label with C. Miranda, the duo has just released another 11 minutes adventure, a slow disco cosmic journey. And more is about to come...




He´s been a Balearic ambassador connecting with other emerging worldwide scenes as Barcelona, Amsterdam, London or Los Angeles, and he has toured the world playing in the 5 continents being in lineups with Dixon, Craig Richards, Lindstrom, Metro Area, Blond:ish, Soul Clap, Nightmares on Wax, NU Jose Padilla, Stacey Pullen or Damian Lazarus to name a few.

Now he is in the process of writing a book about the musical history of Ibiza to be released in 2019 interviewing the main musical characters of the island.

Christian Len is part of a new Ibiza scene, the one that recovers the original Balearic spirit: free, hedonist, cosmopolitan, restless, artistic, respectful, open, heterogeneous... That´s Balearic.